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Choosing the Right Rescue Dog


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Mike Sagman
Image: dogfoodadvisor.com

Throughout his life, retired dentist Mike Sagman, DDS, has loved dogs. For four decades, he cared for patients through his cosmetic and restorative dentistry practice in Virginia. After losing his rescue dog Penny, Dr. Mike Sagman started the Dog Food Advisor, a reference website that publishes ratings and reviews of hundreds of dog foods.

Following are several things to do to ensure you choose the perfect rescue dog:

Watch from a distance: Most dogs get excited when someone approaches them. This can be a great way to make sure a dog is friendly, but it won’t give you a very accurate picture of its personality. Instead, watch the dog from a distance and note its behavior. Based on how the dog acts alone, you can determine whether it is more likely to be calm, excitable, timid, or nervous.

Ask questions: Before you rescue a dog, make sure you ask the shelter plenty of questions about the dog’s history. Doing so gives you information about a dog’s known medical issues and whether its temperament has been gauged by shelter staff. Further, if the dog was surrendered, the shelter can provide you with information about why the animal was given up.

Bring a trainer: It may seem early to enlist the help of a good trainer at this stage, but having a trainer with you at the shelter can ensure you’ll find a dog that will train without too much trouble. Experienced trainers can often notice signs of behavioral problems quickly and with minimal time spent observing the animal. They can also test whether the dog already knows any basic commands.


Adopting a Dog – the Humane Choice


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Dog Food Advisor
Image: dogfoodadvisor.com

Dr. Mike Sagman, a retired dentist, is a dog lover and supporter of dog adoption charities. After his own dog died because of tainted pet food, Dr. Mike Sagman started Dog Food Advisor, a website to help consumers make the best food choices for their pets.

When people consider adopting a dog, they often think of the benefits of love and companionship the animal can bring into their lives. However, adoption is also a socially responsible way to address the animal overpopulation crisis, which results in the euthanizing of more than 2.5 million dogs and cats every year in the United States.

Most animal shelters have too many animals and too few people to adopt them. If more people adopted instead of purchasing pets, the need to euthanize would be reduced.

Purchasing a pet can also be very expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while adoption usually costs less than $60. Moreover, buyers often unknowingly purchase dogs supplied by disreputable, abusive puppy mills. By adopting, less money goes to puppy mills, making a smaller incentive for breeders to operate them.

Five Tips for Adopting a Dog from the Shelter


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Adopting a Dog
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Mike Sagman serves as the president and CEO of Clicks and Traffic, an online media company that operates The Dog Food Advisor, a public service website. Mike Sagman founded the website in 2008 after the loss of his beloved poodle-terrier mix Penny, and he supports efforts to help dogs. Individuals and families thinking about adopting a shelter dog may want to consider the following tips:

1. Focus on temperament over breed. Some people have their hearts set on a certain breed or type of dog before even setting foot in the shelter. However, this does not ensure that the dog will fit your living situation, as some require more exercise, training, and grooming than others. Talk to shelter staff about the dog’s temperament and individual needs before making a decision.

2. Introduce everyone prior to the adoption. Many shelters recommend introducing the entire household to the dog before filing any paperwork. If you already own a dog, it’s important to establish whether it will get along with its new housemate. Ask the shelter about arranging a meet-and-greet between the dogs, and introduce them one at a time if you own more than one.

3. Acquire dog care basics in advance. Essential items include toys, a collar, and a leash. Ask the shelter about the dog’s chewing habits when selecting toys.

4. Pet-proof your home. Pet-proofing your home means stowing items that can pose a health threat and securing those that you don’t want the dog to chew on. Puppies are especially curious and may chew on whatever they find. Items that you should secure include shoes, electrical cords, garbage bins, and household chemicals. Sit on the floor to give yourself a better idea of those items that are within your dog’s reach.

5. Engage the entire family. Ensure that everyone in your household understands their responsibilities for the dog’s care and participates in training. Establish clear rules in advance.

Dog Food Advisor


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Mike Sagman
Image: dogfoodadvisor.com

As president of Michael E. Sagman, D.D.S., Ltd., in Newport News, Virginia, Dr. Mike Sagman operated his private dental practice for nearly 40 years. Dr. Mike Sagman is currently the founder and managing editor of The Dog Food Advisor, a website that provides reviews and ratings of over 950 dog food products.

The Dog Food Advisor at dogfoodadvisor.com was created as a public service website to help dog owners become more informed about the products they feed their dogs. Led by the founder of Dog Food Advisor, the research team looks at nutritional content and ingredients to help determine an appropriate star rating for each product.

The Dog Food Advisor receives tips and information regarding dog foods from a private network of nutritionists, whistleblowers, and company executives in the pet food industry. Researchers also gather information for their findings from the medical libraries of the United States National Institutes of Health.

What is Melamine?

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Image: wikipedia.org

Mike Sagman is a former United States Army Captain that has served as a dentist for over four decades. A specialist in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, Mike Sagman is also an avid dog lover and is also the creator and editor of the Dog Food Advisor website.

The Dog Food Advisor, which can be found at www.dogfoodadvisor.com, is a public service website designed to help consumers make more informed decisions when purchasing dog food. The website was created in response to the tragic loss of Dr. Sagman’s dog, Penny, to melamine tainted dog food. The affected dog food was later recalled by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A common industrial ingredient, melamine is a chemical compound that contains nitrogen. The substance, which is not approved for use in any food or consumable products, is often used as a binding agent, as a component of thermosetting plastic, in fertilizer, and in other industrial applications. According to the FDA, melamine is more toxic when combined with other melamine related compounds which include cyanuric acid, ammelide, and ammeline.

Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity

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Delta Sigma Delta
Image: deltsig.com

Prior to entering the field of dentistry, Dr. Mike Sagman attended Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, where he studied chemistry while also being active in the Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. Dr. Mike Sagman also attended the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, where he earned his doctor of dental surgery degree while also a member of the Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity.

Delta Sigma Delta is an international dental fraternity founded in 1882 at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in Ann Arbor. As the first dental fraternity, the organization started gaining popularity and chapters were organized at many other colleges within the United States as well as universities around the world.

Delta Sigma Delta hosts an annual meeting along with regional meetings for fraternity members and alumni to keep in contact with one another and share in personal activities and professional experiences. The fraternity also hosts international meetings for members around the world.

How to Spot and Avoid Puppy Mill Breeders

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Mike Sagman
Image: dogfoodadvisor.com

Recipient of the US Army Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service, Captain Mike Sagman previously served as a dentist for the army while based in Fort Knox, Kentucky. He has since founded The Dog Food Advisor, an online publisher of independent ratings and reviews of dog food brands. Passionate about animal welfare, Mike Sagman is a longtime supporter of organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society, which encourages pet lovers to steer clear of puppy mills.

Puppy mills are basically puppy factories. They are commercial centers for dog breeding where profits are made from the sale of puppies. In these centers, dogs live in extra small enclosures, are fed substandard food, have no access to decent medical care, and are deprived of human contact, all in a bid to cut costs and maximize profits. By buying a puppy from a puppy mill, you are supporting the operations of these inhumane centers.

Puppy mill breeders often sell puppies on the Internet. All they have to do is make a website, take adorable photos of puppies, and wait for orders from unsuspecting pet lovers.

Regardless of how convincing the site looks, it could be a puppy mill affiliate. There is no guarantee that a “We are not a puppy mill” proclamation is genuine. Be especially cautious of sites that offer to ship puppies to you.

Puppy mill breeders also use newspaper classified ads to sell puppies. Be cautious of ads that list numerous breeds available. Also be cautious when the breeder opts to meet you away from where the puppies are actually raised.

A good option to own a pet is adoption. You can do this through local pet shelters or through genuine websites such as petfinder.com and adoptapet.com.