Unique Ways to Give to Heritage Humane Society

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Heritage Humane Society
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Former restorative and cosmetic dentist Dr. Mike Sagman has focused his work in the realm of online media since 2008, when he assumed the role of CEO and president of Clicks and Traffic, LLC. A long-time dog lover, Dr. Mike Sagman is a devoted supporter of Heritage Humane Society.

Every year, Heritage Humane Society takes in more than 1,500 homeless and surrendered animals from the Williamsburg, Virginia, area. In order to fund this important work, the organization welcomes the support of community members who make generous monetary donations. In addition, the Heritage Humane Society has a number of other unique giving opportunities that enable its supporters to get involved.

One of the ways in which individuals can help fund the work of the Heritage Humane Society is through pet photo sponsorships. During the holiday season, supporters can donate the funds needed for the organization to photograph cats and dogs that are looking for forever homes. In return, donors receive a picture of the pet that the society recently took in.

Heritage Humane Society also welcomes non-monetary donations in the form of supplies and other items that it requests through its “Need List”. In addition to important animal-related items such as food, toys, and beds, the organization encourages community members to give cleaning supplies and medical items. Each of these items helps make a difference in the lives of the shelter’s residents.


A Brief Overview of Replacing Lost, Damaged Teeth


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Dog Food Advisor
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Dr. Mike Sagman graduated from the Medical College of Virginia and practiced as a restorative and cosmetic dentist in the Newport News area for more than four decades. These days, Dr. Mike Sagman serves as president and chief executive officer of Clicks and Traffic, LLC, and as the owner and managing editor of DogFoodAdvisor.com.

Restorative dentistry is a term used to describe oral services and surgical procedures designed to return the mouth to a healthy, functional state. One of the most common examples of restorative dentistry, which includes a number of prosthetic dental procedures, involves the replacement of missing or damaged teeth.

During restorative procedures, dentists prioritize retaining as many of the natural teeth as possible.

When a tooth has been completely lost or damaged beyond repair, dental professionals may make use of dental implants, bridges, or partial or complete dentures as a way of restoring oral integrity and limiting the spread of bacteria and plaque.

Not only can restorative dentistry help prevent the development of future cavities, it also allows the mouth to evenly distribute the stress of chewing and avoid added pressure on remaining natural teeth.

A Few Tips for Selecting a Dog from the Shelter

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Selecting a Dog
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Mike Sagman, D.D.S., studied dental surgery at the Medical College of Virginia. In addition to more than four decades of experience as a dentist in Newport News, Dr. Mike Sagman is the owner of DogFoodAdvisor.com, a national leader in the publication of dog food ratings and information. He is a canine enthusiast, even raising multiple shelter and rescue dogs at once.

Providing a loving, safe home to a dog that has spent time in a shelter is one of the best ways to address the nation’s homeless pet population issue. However, the process of selecting a dog to adopt can be overwhelming.

Shelters are generally loud, crowded places that can be stressful for humans and animals alike. There are several steps individuals can take to make the adoption process easier.

To begin, individuals should always remember to ask basic questions about any dog they are considering for adoption. Some of these should include how the dog ended up in the shelter, whether or not the dog has a history of medical issues, and what the animal’s overall temperament is.

A few of these and other simple, important questions can help alert a potential owner about what to expect.

While these questions are important, potential owners must remember to analyze the dog in person and draw their own conclusions about behavior and personality. This includes observing the dog from a distance and, ideally, taking the dog for a walk and spending one-on-one time together.

Any individual with dogs or other pets at home already should pay particular attention to how a dog interacts with other animals.